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L-Shaped or Standard Gaming Desk – Which One Should You Choose?

Gaming is an experience and it should be the best. So much time is put into the perfect game and controllers etc. But what about your gaming area? Your gaming desk means a lot to your experience. Location, lighting, and space matters so much to the experience. So how does a gamer choose? Well, there is lots to consider. Think about how much space you have to work, what kind of space you are in and just how much stuff do you have. Comfort and health are very important also.

How much space are you working with? If you are confined to a tiny bedroom that is cluttered to the max, well you may not have much choice except a standard desk. Standard desks, like the others do come in different sizes and heights. May not be perfect, but it can work if you are willing to alternate equipment. Now if the size of the room is not a problem, by all means the L–shaped desk could be a serious consideration. Find the perfect corner in the room and set up all of your gaming gear. The L-shaped desk is so great because it allows you to spread out all your equipment and gaming gear. Whether you have a lot or not comfort really comes into play with the L-shaped desk.

What kind of space are you in? Are you in a small dorm room or are you in a house with a man cave? Dorm rooms can be quite small and tight. It would be wonderful to have the space to have the gang over after tests and play a few rounds, but space may not be on your side. That means the dorm room might very well limit you to the standard desk. We do have to admit, their has to be room left for homework space. But, if you have a really cool roommate or a room to yourself, there might be major room for negotiations in the space. If that be the case, go L-shaped. This configuration just makes the perfect set-up for gaming with friends. The L-shaped desk allows the gamer to always have a couple of monitors set up and various controllers to be available upon demand. With the standard desk, it would be necessary to move things around and have to replace equipment anytime friends come by to join in. Seating is major with the L-shaped desk. 2 to 3 chairs can easily fit around the L-shaped desk. Not the case with the standard desk. One gamer will usually find themselves in an awkward position from the screen or screens.

Lastly, think about your health. Gaming can get pretty intense and may go on for hours. The position in which you are sitting can really make a difference. Proper posture can be improved by having a comfortable set-up with the gaming equipment. The distance from the monitors can help or hurt the eyes. Not realizing that you are in an abnormal position for long periods of time, can really strain your back and other muscles. If possible, the L-shaped desk will improve these issues.

There is a lot to consider when trying to choose the perfect desk. Weigh out the pros and cons for your individual space and social interaction. I hope this gives you lots to think about. You can read some more excellent info on gaming desks on

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