That Day I Wished I Had Bought a Portable Generator

That Day I Wished I Had Bought A Portable Generator

That day in late September 2017.

It had been over twelve hours since one of our Florida tropical storms, and nearly all of the power lines in our county were down. My calls to the electric company have been met with vague answers saying that there have dispatched work crews to our area, but they don’t have a definite time frame for power restoration, as there were still lightning strikes in the area preventing work crews from doing the needed repairs. From news reports gleaned from my phone, many roads were closed due to flooding and storm debris.

So many times I thought about buying a portable generator like one of those recommended by Generator Advisor but I thought we would rarely, if ever, use it. The heat in our house now is oppressive. Opening the windows just means letting in a stream of humid, hot air, which is doing nothing to keep us from being drenched in sweat. My wife was lamenting that she had stocked up on groceries before the storm, and now most of that food was going to go to waste. We put everything in the freezer into a cooler where it was sure to spoil and put the refrigerated items in the freezer in hopes that we could save those items. After my calls to the utility company and long conversations to check on family, my cell phone charge was dying. Now I can honestly say that I wish I had bought an electric generator.
Our neighbor, knowing our predicament, invited us over. Their house was well lit and the air conditioning was on. How did that happen? They told us that they had a generator. A really handy quiet model the same as these. I expected to hear the rumble of a roaring beast of a machine, thinking of the old style generator my parents once had for their rural farmhouse. Instead, my neighbors were running a quiet generator, that could hardly be heard humming along, providing the needed power for the family.
My friend sat me down on a nice cool upholstered chair and told me about the wide varieties of generators for sale. They even have ones that run on solar power and advised me to look up solar generator reviews to find the one best for my family. With all the sunshine in our state, it only makes sense to buy a generator that runs on Florida’s free natural energy source. He gave me some names of reputable dealers where I could compare brand and prices to find the best one for our home.
The choice of generator depends on how much wattage you will need to keep your home cool and comfortable when the power fails. Generators are not just for emergency preppers, now I know that each household should have one in case of a storm or other everyday occurrence that can knock out the power.
As soon as the roads are safe to travel, we will be heading out to find one of those quiet portable generators for our home. I don’t know what I was thinking when deciding not to buy one sooner.