That Day I Wished I Had Bought a Portable Generator

That Day I Wished I Had Bought A Portable Generator

That day in late September 2017.

It had been over twelve hours since one of our Florida tropical storms, and nearly all of the power lines in our county were down. My calls to the electric company have been met with vague answers saying that there have dispatched work crews to our area, but they don’t have a definite time frame for power restoration, as there were still lightning strikes in the area preventing work crews from doing the needed repairs. From news reports gleaned from my phone, many roads were closed due to flooding and storm debris.

So many times I thought about buying a portable generator like one of those recommended by Generator Advisor but I thought we would rarely, if ever, use it. The heat in our house now is oppressive. Opening the windows just means letting in a stream of humid, hot air, which is doing nothing to keep us from being drenched in sweat. My wife was lamenting that she had stocked up on groceries before the storm, and now most of that food was going to go to waste. We put everything in the freezer into a cooler where it was sure to spoil and put the refrigerated items in the freezer in hopes that we could save those items. After my calls to the utility company and long conversations to check on family, my cell phone charge was dying. Now I can honestly say that I wish I had bought an electric generator.
Our neighbor, knowing our predicament, invited us over. Their house was well lit and the air conditioning was on. How did that happen? They told us that they had a generator. A really handy quiet model the same as these. I expected to hear the rumble of a roaring beast of a machine, thinking of the old style generator my parents once had for their rural farmhouse. Instead, my neighbors were running a quiet generator, that could hardly be heard humming along, providing the needed power for the family.
My friend sat me down on a nice cool upholstered chair and told me about the wide varieties of generators for sale. They even have ones that run on solar power and advised me to look up solar generator reviews to find the one best for my family. With all the sunshine in our state, it only makes sense to buy a generator that runs on Florida’s free natural energy source. He gave me some names of reputable dealers where I could compare brand and prices to find the best one for our home.
The choice of generator depends on how much wattage you will need to keep your home cool and comfortable when the power fails. Generators are not just for emergency preppers, now I know that each household should have one in case of a storm or other everyday occurrence that can knock out the power.
As soon as the roads are safe to travel, we will be heading out to find one of those quiet portable generators for our home. I don’t know what I was thinking when deciding not to buy one sooner.

What Are Some of The Best Toys & Gadgets For Teens?

Best Gadgets for Teens

The world of toys, electric scooters, and gadgets is a very fun and adventurous places for teens. This is because it is jam-packed with all sorts of awesome choices for the boys and girls that make up this exclusive age group. These toys, electric scooters, and gadgets are designed with fun and excitement in mind. Presented here, will be some of the best from the toys and gadgets for teenagers, so please read on to learn more about them in detail.

Gadget 1 is no other than the truly amazing robot called Ozobot Bit 2.0. What makes Ozobot Bit 2.0 such a great gadget is very clear. This robot is the proud winner of many awards. Some of these awards do include Kapi’s Best Robot toy at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Ozobot is perfect for different ages and levels. This robot is fully interactive and makes for hours of fun undone for boys and girls.

Gadget 2 is called the Vertical Vortex Traveling Interactive Spring Toy Random Bag Colors. What makes the Vertical Vortex Traveling Interactive Spring Toy so awesome is this. It is totally fun and can be made to go from being a flat vortex to a full vortex in an instant. It is something totally fun for all ages from 6 to 106. It travels perfectly up and down one arm or between hands. It is simply outstanding!

Electric scooters are the rage with all young people. This is because they can do lots of things and these lots of things add up to the total fun factor on all fronts. The electric scooter choices presented here are some of the finest out there for teenagers and do define in their own ways why they are popular.

Gadget 4 is the Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks. What makes this gadget so fantabulous is this. It is the perfect kind of toy that really isn’t a toy in essence. It is something that is perfect to accommodate everyone who wants to have fun putting them on and trying to walk about. They are totally adjustable for ages 6 on up to adult. These stilts encourage kids and teens to be more active. They also help to promote better balance and coordination, in addition, as well. You will want to walk a mile with a smile using these great stilts!

Gadget 5 is a cool and rad kind of gadget in its own way. This is because it is an electronic toy. It is called Black Knit Glove LED Strobe Fingertips With 3 Colors. What is great about these special gloves is everything. They are fun to own, colorful, and can be used for many things. These many things include Raves, Concerts, Discos, Parties, you name it. They are awesome to have!

All of the gadgets presented here are special and unique unto themselves. This means that teens will love them just because. This just because is, they are very popular, and lots of others do seem to like them a whole lot. What better reason to have them? There is none. They are all about fun for everyone!

Bicycles vs Motorcycles – who’s the winner?

Motorcycle vs Bicycle

When it comes to modern transportation methods, there are two methods that will always be at war with each other, the bicycle and the motorcycle. While the bicycle has it’s advantages that may make it seem superior to motorcycles (it’s green, it provides exercise, etc.), you’ll realize upon taking a step back and analyzing the cultures that surround them, bikes come in a distant second place. Please consider the following:



Most of us have seen cops on motorcycles, and those cops seem a little more badass than the rest of the force, but what about the cops on bicycles? I’m sure there are situations where cops on bikes are useful, and I’m sure they’re particularly great if you’re ever in a position when you need to outrun the cops… but I bet everyone at their precinct, ESPECIALLY the cops on horses, giggle when the bicycle cops go by.



Adequate head safety is crucial for both bicycles and motorcycles…but that is about all their helmets have in common. When wearing a motorcycle helmet, you look like you just walked out of the video game Metroid. With a bicycle helmet, you look like some nerd who is dressed daily for school or work by his mom… who must also be blind.



Bicycle attire may have motorcycle attire beat in the area of climate control, that’s about it. It’s standard to be sporting the skin of what was another living creature when cruisin on a motorcycle. But bicyclists on the other hand are wearing a synthetic material that is so tight that it too is like a second skin. A skin that leaves nothing to the imagination as to the physical form of the person wearing it. Now on the one hand, this can be totally awesome if it’s being worn by an athlete, but on the other hand it can make everything and everyone uncomfortable when being worn by someone not so physically blessed. And there are a lot of cyclists out there who like to stand when they peddle… Talking about accessories like backpacks – let’s make it clear. An ordinary motorcycle backpack looks way much better than a worn-down school pack so many Sunday cyclists love to wear. Ugh.


Fictional Character Preferences

You know who loved his bike more than anyone else in the whole world? Peewee Herman. Nobody was permitted to get between that obnoxious dork and his wheels. But you know who loved his motorcycle, even though he was never able to cry?…The friggin TERMINATOR! Sorry but I’m going to trust the taste of a heartless cyborg over the preference of some bow-tied, nasally creep any day.


Nonfictional Character Preferences

Sometimes bicyclists and motorcyclists do have some things in common. Lance Armstrong, before his fall from grace, was the poster boy of professional bicycle athletes. Even after his disgrace his achievements are still pretty impressive, even with the drugs. Then on the other side of the cycle spectrum is the infamous Hell’s Angels. There aren’t many authentic tough guys running around that will leave a mark on history like the Angels, and they too were frequently on drugs. The only real difference between the two is the Angels don’t hide their unsavory personalities; while with Armstrong, though the world already knew he was a jerk, still acted surprised when that fact was confirmed.


Personally speaking, after taking these things into consideration, and despite the fact that bicycles may help control my ever widening waistline, and makes my carbon footprint a little less deep, they just don’t even compete with a motorcycle.

5 Proven Ways to Fight Boredom

fighting boredom

The world today has so much to offer in terms of entertainment and fun than before. The moment the entertainment is absent, there is that feeling we get or restlessness and anxiety. This feeling can be classified as being boredom. You will start to feel the idea of having to do something with your time. You are likely to find yourself losing focus on doing some things around you because of boredom. It is about time that you started working on ways to fight boredom and have a better life.


1. Cook a new recipe

If you are good at cooking fighting boredom for you should not be a problem. Get into the kitchen and take out the cookbook. It is about time that you tried a new recipe in the book. You can still go online and check out new recipes. You might have to get a few things from the store, but that is part of dealing with boredom. The moment you will accomplish having a great meal at the end, it will feel like there is no boredom anymore.


2. Read something fun

Reading is not fun to all people, but all this can change based on the material you are reading. Reading is known to help a person get into the mood of connecting with the book characters. Choose the book genre carefully to enjoy the activity of reading. For those who have not been readers before, experiment with many genres before making up your mind. The Audiobooks and podcasts can be another fun way to read a book through listening to it.


3. Adopt a pet

Pets can be fun when you adopt the right pet. Take the time to check out several pets before picking the one that works for you. The common pets include dogs and cats. Remember that these pets will need constant monitoring, especially the young ones. You will not get bored, as the pets will keep you busy taking care of them.


4. Creativity and hobbies

Indulging in your hobbies is the ultimate way of fighting boredom. Any person will have many hobbies and interests in life. Choose one hobby that you like to do and become creative with it. If you like painting, then consider working on a painting that you have not done before. If you like dancing, then join a dancing class to beat boredom.


5. Use the internet to beat boredom

The internet is commonly said to be an information highway. You can find so many things to do while online than when offline. Check out social media such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with many other people. Every time you are online, there is a chance you will walk away with something new in the mind.

Boredom should not define your life and those around you. Travelling the world for sightseeing or playing addictive games are just a few of many other ways of fighting boredom in life. Just ensure that you are not confined within your limits of having fun and entertainment.

Cool Gadgets and Toys Everyone Would Die For

cool gadgets

Coolness can vary from one person to the other, but some gadgets and toys that are cool to everyone. Each day we face new challenges in life and just wish that there was a device to handle such issues in life. Well, if you do a proper research, it is highly likely that you will find all the cool devices that you want. Below, you will find the top 5 cool gadgets that everyone is talking about today.


Desktop Punching Ball

The desktop punching ball is what you need at any workstation. At any workplace, you can expect that people will start to feel the pressure of delivering on the company objectives or simply stress related to the work. You need an avenue to release the stress and frustrations. Simply punch this ball and you will feel better in no time. Crush it as many times as you want to keep your head clear from the stress.

Treadmill desk

You have probably heard about the moving office invented a couple of years ago. Now it seems technology is merging the office with exercise once again. The treadmill desk involves a workstation incorporated in a treadmill. You could be working on something at the workstation, but still doing some exercising on the treadmill. The gadget is perfect for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and do not have a lot of time to hit the gym for a quick exercise.


Digital smart pen

This is an impressive toy to use during a meeting or presentation. Many people find themselves writing many things by hand in a notebook and then typing them later on. This smart pen will digitize everything that you will be writing. It is still possible to make changes to your notes and adjust the font type too. You can use the pen to record the audio too during the meeting.


Nyrius Wires HDMI Transmitter

With this gadget, it is now possible to stream your HDMI enabled devices. The quality of the videos is not compromised at all. This can be great for a gamer who does not want to keep on changing the location of the consoles when the family TV is in use. Simply power on the device and take control of the console from a different room with a TV. Most people were expecting it to have some lagging issues, but that is not the case with this HDMI transmitter.


Logitech Harmony Home Control

Think of a scenario where you come home after a busy day at work, you do not want to keep on using the remotes to change settings to your entertainment system. The use of this home controller will give you ultimate access to different devices around the house by using your smartphone. The gadget pairs with your smartphone and helps you control a wide range of devices such as the TV, the thermostat and many others.


The mentioned gadgets are not the only ones on the market today. Take the time to check out other different gadgets and learn how they can be beneficial to your life before buying them.